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About Me


After being inspired by an examplary Sec 1 Form Teacher, I aspired to excel in my academic studies and to be a good and caring teacher too, to positively influence and impact my students in their learning of Science as well as the other areas of development, and to believe in themselves. I never look back, persevered and journeyed on against all odds, and graduated as the Top student in the Science & Math Faculty of NTU-NIE. 

Upon graduating as the only 1st Class Honours (Physics) in my cohort, I was also conferred the the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal (for being the Top Student in the Faculty) & the NSTB (n.k.a. A*Star) Gold Medal (for the best dissertation paper submitted).

LKY medal

As part of my continuous learning, I was also certified as a DISC (psychometric profiling tool) coach, Brain-based & Accelerated Learning coach, & a career coach.


With my good A-Level grades, I was eligible for a wide spectrum of courses. However, being influenced by an exemplary teacher who had impact me positively, I fully understood the critical role a good teacher plays to impact the lives of their students. Hence I took up teaching as a career and was offered a Teaching Award by MOE.

Upon graduation, I was determined to bless my students with my engaging delivery which was infused with brain-based techniques, as well as a comprehensive set of well-synthesized study materials. I also understand the importance of speaking positively and believing in my students to excel in both academic and character. Using performance coaching strategies, I have also coached many teams to achieve Champions and 1st Runner-Ups in National Entrepreneurship & Robotics Competitions.


After my first posting school, I was also offered a 3-year stint at MOE-HQ during which I was actively involved in the training & professional development of our MOE teachers – focusing on teachers’ learning needs on pedagogy, content and assessment.

In my three years as a Senior Teacher (Science/Physics) before I resigned, I was actively mentoring the younger teachers to excel in their craft of teaching. On a few occasions, I was voted by both fellow teachers & students as “Most Engaging Teacher” & “Most Innovative Teacher”.


Physics Learning Lab is a premium tuition programme by Ecube Science & Math Lab which was established in Jan 2014 at Marine Parade Central (near Bedok, East Coast Area, Siglap, Telok Kurau & Kembangan) with the main goal to deliver high-quality yet affordable tuition/coaching to students. In contrast with the conventional mode of tuition where tutors are the “sole-giver” of knowledge where students are thrown worksheets after worksheets to ‘drill-and-practice’ (which sometimes backfires and even kills students’ interest towards a subject).   At Physics Learning Lab, we aspire to effectively teach, question, re-mediate, to help our students appreciate the meaning & applications of Physics in everyday living.


From many years of teaching experience, and interactions with both parents and students alike, we have come to understand that in many situations, to help our students achieve better grade and foster a greater interest towards learning, motivation and rapport are the keys.  Therefore in our lesson design and delivery, we are also guided by our teaching and learning beliefs such as:

  • Learning should be effective, fun and meaningful.
  • Every child is unique.
  • No two child learn the same way.
  • Rebuilding confidence & self-belief by helping students ‘tastes’ small successes.
  • Treat every child with respect and dignity to help motivate them to achieve their best.



Though we started off specializing in Physics only, our classes grew quickly by word of mouth through students, parents and even ex-teacher colleagues! As students like our way of doing tuition via a balanced approach of learning topics in advance of schools as well as intensive revision before each exam, hence they were seeing improvements in their grades and a greater interest & confidence in the subject.

Very soon our students were asking for tuition help in the other subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, POA, Social Studies, Geography, History and English! As a ex-MOE HQ Training & Development Officer, coupled with my extensive network with teachers, I was able to link up with experienced, passionate & engaging ex-school teachers to run more classes for our students.


Soon we started to customize tuition classes for specific schools for more effective & targeted tuition outcomes.  We also offered the Lower Sec Science modules (which is a big challenge for parents looking for good group tuition because all Sec schools ‘do’ Lower Sec Science in very different ways in terms of content & assessment!).


And with a big group of Sec 4/Year 4 graduating each year, we also naturally find ourselves expanding to do JC A-Level Science, Math & GP Tuition too, as our students continue to return to ask for tuition help at the higher levels.