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About Me


After being inspired by an examplary Sec 1 Form Teacher, I aspired to excel in my academic studies and to be a good and caring teacher too, to positively influence and impact my students in their learning of Science as well as the other areas of development, and to believe in themselves. I never look back, persevered and journeyed on against all odds, and graduated as the Top student in the Science & Math Faculty of NTU-NIE. 

Upon graduating as the only 1st Class Honours (Physics) in my cohort, I was also conferred the the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal (for being the Top Student in the Faculty) & the NSTB (n.k.a. A*Star) Gold Medal (for the best dissertation paper submitted).

LKY medal

As part of my continuous learning, I was also certified as a DISC (psychometric profiling tool) coach, Brain-based & Accelerated Learning coach, & a career coach.


With my good A-Level grades, I was eligible for a wide spectrum of courses. However, being influenced by an exemplary teacher who had impact me positively, I fully understood the critical role a good teacher plays to impact the lives of their students. Hence I took up teaching as a career and was offered a Teaching Award by MOE.

Upon graduation, I was determined to bless my students with my engaging delivery which was infused with brain-based techniques, as well as a comprehensive set of well-synthesized study materials. I also understand the importance of speaking positively and believing in my students to excel in both academic and character. Using performance coaching strategies, I have also coached many teams to achieve Champions and 1st Runner-Ups in National Entrepreneurship & Robotics Competitions.


After my first posting school, I was also offered a 3-year stint at MOE-HQ during which I was actively involved in the training & professional development of our MOE teachers – focusing on teachers’ learning needs on pedagogy, content and assessment.

In my three years as a Senior Teacher (Science/Physics) before I resigned, I was actively mentoring the younger teachers to excel in their craf