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Learning Physics should be “alive, meaningful and dynamic”!  Teaching Physics concepts is not about “reading” through slides! Authentic Learning is never complete just by “clicking” slides or “googling” for answers!

We understand that many students struggle, fear or even ‘hate’ Physics for at least one of the following reasons:

  • Boring, unclear & sometimes ‘contradictory concepts’ lesson delivery in school.
  • “F1-style” of speedy teaching
  • Too many topics allocated for “E-learning” in the name of ‘self-directed learning!’
  • Cannot link Physics to meaningful everyday applications
  • Unable to apply formula and explanations to new situations (which is usually due to not understanding key concepts in the first place!)
  • Always asked to memorize, revise, and practice what they couldn’t understand! (But I have to say here that committing learning to memory is a very important step to excel in Physics … but it does not last long if the learning has not even occurred in the first place!)
  • Constant, poor performance during tests and assessments – leading to discouragement & low-confidence.


BUT there’s hope! As exemplary & award-winning ex-teachers & lecturers, we understand the importance of engaging our students – to help them see the beauty and the relevance of Physics in dynamic everyday applications, beside helping them achieve excellent grades. Demo & experiments are often utilized to reinforce difficult & abstract concepts, and to foster a deeper interest in the Science.


Being confident of our lesson delivery and approach, we encourage each student to try our “1st Trial Lesson FREE” challenge*. We strongly believe that your child will be able to discern and decide if we are competent to help them towards academic excellence in Physics.

(*student who does not wish to continue tuition after the trial lesson does not need to pay any fee).



At The Physics Lab, we couple our strong passion with the 3Es approach of “Engaging delivery, Empowering learning & Exceling to greater heights” to value-add to our students’ tuition & learning experience!


And as a certified trainer for brain-based learning & accelerated learning, I have employed strategies such as memory-techniques, to help students anchor important formulae and key concepts and remember them for a much longer time!


Empowering Learning:

  • Comprehensive Notes & Carefully-Selected Questions on ‘Basic Concept-Building, Comprehension & Challenging Applications’
  • Concept Maps and the powerful “WITA – What Is This About” Summary for each Topic.
  • Brainbased strategies to help ‘Anchor’ important formulae & key concepts, as well as make learning effective & fun! Examples are the use of

          (i)    Humour

          (ii)   Stories & Anecdotes

          (iii)  Exaggeration

          (iv)  Brain teasers & Science-related “demo & magic”

notes and demo


Exceling to Greater Heights:

  • Learning in advance. When students begin to do well in class tests and taste “small” successes, they will begin to see themselves in a new light & develop a stronger sense of confidence in their learning and ability to breakthrough.
  • Regular performance coaching & PET talks before or after lessons, structured activities to teach important life & study skills help to encourage students to excel in all areas of studies.

2 IMG_4826_2


Many parents have shared with me their frustrations to find suitable and good lower science tuition. This is very true as all schools are doing lower sec science very differently in terms of
(1) Variation: Topics covered in each semester.
(2) Topical Flow: Whether a school follows textbook sequence or uses modular approach (Physics or Chemistry or Biology).
(3) Rigor: The breadth and depth of science concepts taught (E.g. some schools will also include Upper Sec Science concepts)
(4) Assessment: Whether Semester 1 topics will be assessed again in Semester 2.

lower sec sci

We are pleased to offer our Lower Sec Science Tuition Classes, with these 5 Key Features:

1. Modular Approach: Each Phy / Chem / Bio module is taught by our subject specialist so that your child receives the best-quality learning for each science module

2. Highly-Qualified Ex-MOE Teachers: The team consists of Ex-HOD / Senior & Experienced Teacher / Science Coordinator / NIE Lecturer) who are very familiar    with the latest syllabus and assessment criteria.


3. Modular Design: Each module is infused with a good balance of selected upper sec science concepts, as well as a good selection of comprehension & application-based questions to equip & stretch each student.

4. Buffet” Style: Choose the module(s) that best suits the learning and assessment needs of your child for this academic semester.

5. Premium tuition quality at very affordable tuition rates.


When the first batch of Sec 4 who had graduated, but then returned to ask me about A-Level tuition, I engaged my highly sought after, ex-MOE & PSC Scholar, ex-NYJC Lecturer and friend, Mr Clarence to run classes and bring A-level Physics to the next higher level.


And within a short span of just 2-3 months, his class became was almost full as students immediately recognized him as an excellent and highly competent tutor, and hence started bringing their friends and classmates.


About Physic



We have customised small group tuition classes to achieve a greater effectiveness and more targeted learning outcomes.  From collaboration with parents and students, we have customised classes for Dunman High IP, Cedar Girls IP, Anglican High School, Dunman Sec Sch, Bedok South Sch, etc. Please call Mr Andrew to explore further and to find out more!