The Grade Enhancer Programme (G.E.P) is a premium, once-off or short-term tuition programme aimed at helping students who have no time for regular tuition commitment but need, for example, a ‘just-in-time’ test preparation and confidence booster. During each session, our teachers will expose students to assessment questions of different categories levels of difficulty, clarify common misconceptions, reinforce key concepts, skills and formulae, etc.  

Lessons are all by highly-qualified, engaging and experienced former MOE teachers and subject specialists who were HODs, Subject Heads, Senior Teachers, etc, who are armed with rich, extensive teaching resources and proven records of high distinctions!

Boost Your Next Test Grade Now! With our timely, once-off, high-quality tuition help!



  • Need a confidence booster for tests / exams.

  • No time for regular, weekly tuition.

  • Need a once-off session to clarify some doubts.

  • Missed lessons in school and needed to catch-up

    Want to learn a topic in advance.

  • Are unable to join group tuitions as schools are not following the standard flow of topics (e.g. IP Schools, Lower Secondary Sciences)

Whatever your specific needs … we may be able to help! Give us a call now!


  • Level: Pri / Sec / IP / JC / IB

  • Subjects: Sciences, Mathematics, Languages, Humanities, etc. (subject to teachers’ availability.)

  • Timings: Weekdays from 3 to 7 pm, or weekends (T.B.C)

  • Location: At Ecube Education Lab (1 Marine Parade Central, #04-07. Parkway Centre S(449408))

  • Tuition Fees: Payable before each lesson commences.

  • Rates / Session (SECONDARY LEVEL):

  • Suggested Number of Sessions

Our G.E.P Coordinator:

Mr Andrew Kang, former MOE Senior Teacher with 15 years of teaching experience understands that not all students need (or have time for) regular, weekly tuition. When he started to offer “Just-in-Time” Physics tuition and coaching to students whose parents enquired about short-term, ad-hoc help for their child to reinforce their foundations for some key topics, or to prepare them well for class tests/school exams through exposing them to good assessment questions and reinforce key concepts, he discovered that such low-commitment, targeted arrangements can be really create a win-win situation for all parties.

Hence, he shared the idea and programme with his trusted and passionate teacher-friends who he personally knew and worked with during his 15 years in the teaching service – in schools and in MOE HQ, to extend the programme to other levels and subjects.

Just to name some teachers from our big, dynamic pool of MOE-trained former school teachers:

  • Mr Andrew Kang (Physics): Former MOE Senior Teacher, Teachers’ Training & Development Officer, LKY and A*Star Gold Medal Recipient, etc.

  • Ms Hannah Yeo (Chemistry): Very highly-sought-after, engaging and experienced MOE Teacher who makes every chemistry lesson fun and come alive for her students!

  • Ms Lam Yow Lan (Biology / Chemistry): Former HOD Science (CCHMS) with extensive teaching experience and resources. Known favourably by her CCHMS students as the “Bio Guru”!

  • Mdm Lek (A & E Math): Caring Teacher who always walk the extra mile, former HOD Math with proven records of value-adding to students grades and distinctions.

  • Mdm Tan Kim Kuan (Chinese / HCL): Former HOD Mother Tongue (TKGS) of 25 years who is effectively bilingual, animated and passionate about the learning of CL, and constantly seeks to inculcate a strong interest and confidence in her students toward the learning of the subject.

  • Etc, etc.


Simply call or whatsapp our Principal and founder, Mr Andrew Kang at 96803400 or email hello@ecube.com.sg to explore more possibilities.


  • April Mid-Year Exam Preparation Classes (Join our weekly classes for one month of “Just-in-Time exam Revision)


OUR STUDENTS ARE FROM (to name a few):

Anglican High  /  ACS (Barker)  /  ACS (I)  /  Bedok South Sec  /   Cedar Girls’  /  CHIJ (Katong Convent)   /  CCHMS  /   Dunman High  /   Dunman Sec   /  Geylang Methodist Sec   /   Hai Sing Catholic Sec   /   Maris Stella High   /   Ngee Ann Sec  /  Pasir Ris Crest Sec  /   PLMGS  /   SJI  /   SCGS   /   SACCS   /   St Patrick’s  /  TKGS  /  Tanjong Katong Sec  /  Temasek Sec  /  Victoria Sch  /  Xinmin Sec  /  Zhong Hua Sec  /  the Junior Colleges  /  etc