Calling all Secondary 3 – 5 students who are struggling with Physics / Sci Physics! Are these some of the issues you are facing?

  1. School teacher is teaching way too fast.

  2. I don’t know what my teacher is talking about.

  3. I dislike the subject as my teacher is boring.

  4. My foundation is very weak.

  5. I have memorised the formulae but still doesn’t how to apply them correctly.

  6. I have been doing badly for tests & exams, etc!

Well, with popular former MOE Senior Teacher Mr Andrew Kang, you will find that Physics is “alive”, meaningful, interesting … AND it’s easy to obtain a breakthrough or achieve a distinction for it!



  1.  March Holidays Intensive Revision (12 – 16 March)

  2.  April SA1 Exam prep classes (short-term)

  3.  Weekly Regular Classes (Head-start Learning + Reinforcement)



Testimony 1: Two Chung Cheng High Main School students leap-jumped from F9 & E8 in May to distinctions in their Prelim Exams in Aug IN JUST 3 MONTHS (their teachers could not believe it!) and eventually distinctions for ‘O’ levels too!

Testimony 2: An Anglican High School student consistently obtained excellent & top results throughout her Sec 3 & 4 Physics tests/common tests/examinations (above 90 marks & Top 3 in Physics Preliminary Exam results) and of course, an expected A1 for ‘O’ levels.

Testimony 3: A Victoria School (Integrated Programme) student who not only came out tops in his Physics Year 4 Preliminary Exam within 5 months but also gained the much-needed confidence & interest in Physics as his grades consistently improved from the usual borderline passes in Year 3 to excellence after joining Mr Andrew Kang!

… and read many more amazing testimonies at our website! Well, 1000+ students cannot be wrong!



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Mr Andrew Kang, former MOE Senior Teacher with 15 years of teaching experience, HQ Teachers’ Training Officer with multiple academic awards will be sharing the 3 keys to “Physics Breakthrough” for every topic, including the “WITA” & “3Hs” methodologies + many proven students’ learning resources like “KCA” topical worksheets (Read more below)

Mr Andrew Kang is an engaging & caring teacher who is always passionate about the teaching of Physics.  He infused brain-based strategies & intriguing demonstrations into his lessons to help students remember key concepts more effectively and to make learning more meaningful & enjoyable.  He had synthesized a comprehensive set of notes & worksheets to challenge students with varying academic abilities & needs, and some of these learning materials are being circulated in some schools! Over a period of three years, he was voted unanimously by both students and teachers as “Most Engaging & Innovative Teacher”.

In his 15 years of teaching in MOE, he has guided and mentored the younger teachers to excel in their craft of teaching.  During his 3 years stint at MOE HQ, he was actively involving in the training of our school teachers to help level them up in the area of subject mastery, content & pedagogy.

His Physics classes always scored very high distinctions, sometimes almost double that of the national average. One year, there was one class of 40 students that almost scored full distinctions, except for one B3! Another year, the classes under his charge achieved an average of 78% distinctions (and that’s really something for a ‘neighbourhood’ school)! Mr Andrew was always appreciated & remembered by students for his caring nature and for constantly motivating them to be positive and to achieve their very best!



WITA” – one of the key to grasping a topic and knowing what is expected is to know what each of the 22 chapters in the Physics syllabus encompass and “What Is That About?”! For example, Kinematics consists of 4 main sections of WITA… and knowing these sections well is a necessary step toward gaining a steady confidence in the topic.  

3Hs” – learning (both lesson delivery and student’s involvement) must engage a student at 3 levels “Heart – Head – Hand”. 

Heart: Mr Andrew’s lesson design aims at ‘exciting a student’s heart’ and fostering positive feelings towards the subject. This is achieved through high-energy teaching, skilful delivery and questioning, & providing a safe environment to learn, make mistakes and ask questions! Mr Andrew frequently conducts experiment and intriguing demos to make learning fun and meaningful. Most demos are linked to necessary (even abstract) concepts that students need to know.

Head: Comprehensive and carefully-synthesized notes that is 100% based and aligned to the Physics Syllabus Learning Outcomes (Los) is available for students for each chapter. This is enhanced with powerful & fun memory-techniques and ‘what-to-focus-on’ emphasis throughout each of the 22 chapter of notes.  This enable a student to be able to fully revise a topic whenever he/she wants to. Mr Andrew’s notes has been circulated in some of the mainstream schools as both teaching notes as well as supplement materials.

Hand: no matter how well a lesson can be taught, a student will not know if he/she has truly grasped the skills and concepts required until they start to practice and apply what they learnt. Through carefully and skilfully selected “KCA”– Knowledge Recall / Comprehension / Application questions which aims at reinforcing key concepts to strengthening skills for tackling explanation-type, data-based & application-type of questions. Worksheets are also incorporated with both excellent as well as difficult questions collated form preliminary exam papers from good schools!   

So students … wait no further! Let Mr Andrew help boost your self-confidence in PHYSICS now. Sign up for the free lessons now!

And Parents … give your child the very best! Arrange for a free trial class* for Mr Andrew’s weekly class now and let your child tell you about the great learning tuition experience that he/she has. So try with confidence before further commitment.



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