Our Friends

In the course of my teaching in many schools and my 3-year stint to MOE’s Teachers’ Training & Development Division, I had the privilege to work closely with many highly-competent and dedicated teachers. Many of whom have come to be part of the dynamic pool of experienced & engaging ex-MOE teachers at the tuition centre when they left the teaching service. These are teachers who

  • are passionate and well-versed in their subject matter,
  • possess rich repertoire of teaching strategies and class management skills,
  • are able to build strong “FUNtastic” rapport with students,
  • have extensive and comprehensive learning materials.

We are blessed to have these excellent teachers offering small group tuition in Science (Phy / Chem / Bio), Math, POA, Humanities & English/GP for all levels from Sec 1 to JC2. NOT all tuition are the SAME. Our teachers shared a common goal to “Ignite Interest, Strengthen Foundations, Scale Greater Heights” with our students.  As ex-teachers, much of our tuition time is spent purposefully on teaching students new concepts ahead of their schools, reinforcing learning and clarifying misconceptions, as opposed to the traditional mode of tuition where students are thrown worksheets after worksheets to “reinforce knowledge acquisition”.

Good news! We can customise a group tuition for a specific school (with at least 4 students to start with a trial class first)! This is a more targeted and effective approach as our teachers are fully competent to customise a tuition that best suits that particular school’s flow of topics, rigor and assessment schedule. In addition, most of the time our teachers, as ex-MOE teachers, are teaching the students topics in advance of their schools to give them an edge and a good head-start. This often translates to good results and a greater self-belief in their ability to excel in the subjects.