Duman 1


Mr Kang, Arigato! Thanks for being such a brilliant teacher! Your teaching really allowed me to learn so much more about Physics & in the process, I’ve come to LOVE Physics … especially your lessons. And yeah … I got an A1 for the subject!

Joe Theong  (Sec 4 Dunman Sec, 2010)

Hello Mr Kang! Thank you for helping me achieve a B3 for Physics. I know you may think it is not that good but I am very happy cos I have been failing Physics consistently for 2 years before you came and took over! I’ve never passed before so yeah thank you for making each lesson an enjoyable one and giving me motivation whenever I feel like giving up!

Farah Amira (Sec 4 Dunman Sec, 2012)

Mr Kang, thank you so much for being such an inspiring teacher. Ever since you taught me Physics in Sec 3, I started to like and enjoy the subject more and more (I used to hate it, like really hate it because I could not understand anything at all). Appreciates your enthusiasm and the many demos that you have shown the class to help us understand better. I am grateful for having a teacher like ou and I will never forget you and your teaching.

Shannon Hee (Sec 4 Dunman Sec, 2014)

You predicted that the majority of the class will get distinctions – You are right and I am glad to be one of them! Thanks Mr Kang for being such a wonderful teacher with such a great charisma. I am always entertained by your enriching lessons. Every time you put in so much effort to deliver a good lesson and we know it. All these memories will definitely be unforgettable!

Eugene Lew (Sec 4 Dunman Sec, 2010)