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What They Say?

At the Physics Lab, we do not select our students or turn away the ‘academically-weak’ students, even before the last couple of months leading to their major exams. Hence to achieve an average of 65-70% distinctions and a minimum grade of B3 for 2015 – 2016 O-level Physics is quite a feat! This is because quite a number of our students were either still failing or just passing, between the F9 and C5 grades when they first joined us!  (We have also ‘value-multiplied’ results for the other subjects offered by our ex-teacher friends).

Students from the academically-stronger mainstream schools as well as the IP schools are also being challenged constantly and performed well in our midst. A VS Year 4 IP boy who was struggling with Physics came in first in his class for his Physics Prelim paper within 5 months of joining us!

In my 12 years teaching in the MOE mainstream schools (minus 3 years at MOE HQ doing Teachers’ training & development), the distinction rates for Physics (& Science Physics) students were always almost double that of the National average distinctions, with almost close to all passing, if not 100% passes. In one year, almost an entire class of 40 students (except one B3) got distinctions! Some parents even commented that they were thankful that their child does not need extra Physics tuition help outside to do well, their child just need to pay attention in class!

IMG_4991Celebrating Good Results!